Dallas Cane Rush & Wicker Repair

Dallas Texas


Types of Seats

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Danish Seat Cord Weaving

With a little help from a knife (serrated knives work well for sawing through the old cord), you can remove all of the cord material from the chair once the nails are loosened. I do not actually un-weave the paper cord, but just cut the top of the seat so that large sections of the cord can be pulled off the nails at once. I do unwrap the spacer wrappings on the front and back rails of the chair though, since attempting to cut them might damage the wood rails themselves. NOTE: For the front and the back rails of the chair, there needs to be an ODD number of nails, in order for the weaving of the seat to work correctly. Most Moller dining chairs have 19 nails on the front and the back rails, although some have 17.